Premiere at Teater Insite!


“Time – we – don’t really exist. All that exists is reflections of light in the particles it meets. How ironic. The two most important events in our lives are when we’re born and when we die, but we can’t tell anyone what it was like. The space in-between…is up to us to fill.”

IMG_1664 Photo: Ilkka Häikiö 2014

“Particles, dust, traveling again and again. The love is the same. The dreams. The passion. Everyday living. The wars. The shit. The tattered bodies. The blood. The blisters. Bites from fleas. Gun powder. Births. Explosions.” IMG_1634Photo: Ilkka Häikiö 2014

Are humans and their history repeating themselves, like a fractal versions of an inflationary universe? On October 5th it’s premiere time for the interactive performance “Morfar – så nära långt borta” with Teater Insite in Malmö.

The script is a collaboration between me and Keren Faingersh Klimovsky, based on the real stories of the actors Matthias Hahne Thorbjörnsson, Elias Faingersh, and their families.

It’s a partiture where text, light, sound, projections, scenography, space etc; all has its part and dramaturgy. Time, space and characters are fluctuating and weaved together. Parts of the text are also transformed into music by Elias Faingersh, his trombone and a loop machine, while others are transformed into projections. IMG_1646Photo: Ilkka Häikiö 2014

On stage two persons are looking for answers about their grandfathers who participated in WW2. One was jewish and fighting on the Russian side, the other fighting on the German side. One survived, the other died as a prisoner of war.

One was considered a winner but found he’d become the new enemy, and the explosions from the war now continued in his heart. The search is also for the persons onstage, their mothers and grandmothers; their history aswell as future for themselves and their children.

“It wasn’t my war, but it became my war.”

How does the absence of a person affect the lives and the world even generations after they’re gone? What choices do we make, why, and what do they make us?

IMG_1601Photo: Ilkka Häikiö 2014

IMG_1595Photo: Ilkka Häikiö 2014


The director, Pelle Öhlund also runs the variety theatre Teater Barbés, and is one of the best directors for place specific and interactive “performancy-ish” theatre in Sweden.

The scenographer & projection designer Signe Krogh also worked for Det Kongelige Teater, Betty Nansen Teatret, and Roundhouse Theatre in London.

Until I can give you a trailer from the performance I here give you another electro-acoustic piece composed and performed by Elias Faingersh.

by Elias Faingersh on his trombone with live-electronics, featuring Eyal Lerner on a tenor-recorder.

And here you can find more about Teater Insite; REVIEWS;–nojen/imported-116/

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