The Traveling Companion

The Traveling Companion is a character come to life during our Gravitational-series of performances and workshops. It’s inspired by a quote by Carl Sagan about us being a way for the universe to know itself, and the behavior of particles and phenomenons described similar to human behavior and phenomenons, not least in motivational and social context.

So The Traveling Companion is particles that traveled the universe since it’s beginning, sometimes interacting with other particles, constantly changing, mutating and learning, and coming together in the constellation of the Traveling Companion just in the moment for the performance.

In Particular Mo(VE)ments the audience can meet the Traveling Companion because this is the moment they happen to be in these forms at the same moment in time and space. The Traveling companion wants to learn as much as possible about how our universe works, and being human, and is eager to meet with the audience and together marvel and find new ideas. In their suitcase is a collection of “interesting things” that respond differently to touch, gravity, light, etc, such as feathers, stones etc. And a paper bag; is it empty when full of air and light?

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