The Strange Attractor and Oculus Rift

“The Strange Attractor” is a project for Oculus Rift with Dominic Idier, where you enter virtual 3Dlandscapes and see how objects appear differently depending on which dimension you’re observing them in, and how the objects shift between the dimensions.

“An attractor can be a point, a finite set of points, a curve, a manifold, or even a complicated set with a fractal structure known as a strange attractor. If the variable is a scalar, the attractor is a subset of the real number line. Describing the attractors of chaotic dynamical systems has been one of the achievements of chaos theory.”

Maybe you drop something on the floor, but instead of hitting the floor it disappears, and reappears floating in from the side, in a different shape.

It’s on the same theme as in the work with the brain-computer-interface, but here you are surrounded by the virtual world and can look around while you travel through the experience.

10533271_326024190886362_6137678037925423242_n 10671239_358541377634643_7242802060806407921_n oculuslandskap1 1497545_292663754222406_2037049726344998934_n

Images; Dominic Idier

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