On the verge of the unknown

anything is possible.

The Event Horizon is an artistic and scientific open collective, exploring and creating experiences and performances for various platforms. Based in Sweden, and open for collaborations with other Earthlings and fellow space travelers.

Previous productions have included theatre, film, AR, VR, web, IM, TV, radio, sound installations, dance, music, audience participation, digital art, a supermassive black hole, quantum physics, a greek tragedy, dramaturgy for the senses, and brain computer interface. More info about them can be found in the archive.

We also do consulting and coaching for;

  • communication, process and workflow in cross over projects (analogue/digital, art/science, art/technique, social/art, etc)
  • script writing for various media
  • exploring and conceptualizing abstract phenomenons and theories
  • audience participation
  • interactive and place specific storytelling

For contact and more info please write; theventhorizon@protonmail.com