Augmented reality theatre


Robinsons Resa was an interactive transmedia theatre performance at Helsingborg Citytheatre, about Robin and the teddybear Robinson, all alone on a small lifeboat after a shipwreck.

The brilliant brains behind the idea were director Sara Cronberg and scenographer & costume designer Helle Damgård. Animations onstage were created by Dark Matter, animations in the app by Frank Valiant, and music by Toni Martin Dobrzanski.

Two actors alternated playing Robin; Magdi Saleh and Oldoz Javidi.

Maria Reihs (of The Event Horizon) weaved the experience on stage/off stage together, creating an augmented reality app and events to add layers to the story.

Through using their mobile devices and the app as digital magnifying glasses, the audience triggered filmed video clips and 3Danimations to find out more about Robin, the possible backstories and reasons for leaving. They then could choose which prologue they wanted for “their” Robin.

The experience began already out in the streets. Looking at the poster through the app triggered a film, making the image come alive. Music playing, a thunderstorm appeared, the tentacle of an octopus grabbed the boat, and then the storm calmed into sunshine.

In the foyer three different rooms were displayed where the audience could enter and look around; each a version of Robin’s room just after he/she/they left, and thus three different versions of Robin and the backstory. Each room had trigger points with video clips adding to the story.

The flooded room. Concept by Helle Damgård1150415-kopia.jpg

The exploded room. Concept by Helle Damgårdmaxresdefault.jpg

After the stage performance the audience got to meet the characters in the foyer, and were each given a postcard triggered with a filmed clip. When using the app the video showed the actors thanking the audience for coming, asking for their ideas about the story andfuture adventures of Robin and Robinson, and redirecting them to the website to continue the experience.

Since the performance was aimed at young audiences the website also contained pedagogical material, connected to the performance, to download for teachers.

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