Update; Particular Mo(VE)ments

While we work with the last preparations for the premiere at Inkonst we give you a sneak peak from the work with the performance / experimance Particular Mo(VE)ments. It’s a one-on-one experience about matter and antimatter, quantum vacuum; about entering the unknown and how to build your own universe. Part of the experience is in a blackbox, and part in virtual reality, and you’re guided through it by the Travelling companion.

Besides finishing the graphic touch we also want to make the experience possible live in VR from a distance, so the audience can interact with the Travelling companion in real time at home or a venue. We’re now using Unity, Rokoko motion capture smartsuit, htcVive trackers +  htcVive headset, and experimenting with options for distant interaction.  If you have experience of such solutions, and think the project seems interesting, you’re welcome to contact us!

These days the boundaries between physical and virtual realities blend and blur in many ways, not just in our particular quantum vacuum. We wish you all the best, and that we will soon meet to dance and play around building our universes.

We also want to thank Riksteatern, Konstnärsnämnden, Statens Kulturråd, Stenkrossen Lund and Boost Hgb for supporting us!



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