Particular Mo(VE)ments – 360° movie

In early June 2021 we filmed a 360° version of Particular Mo(VE)ments at Inkonst in Malmö, in collaboration with the International Dance Program at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

The performance evolved into a new experience, just like the Travelling companion finding out what possibilities this new constellation, and new circumstances, offers. The process was partly very experimental and playful, creating new spatial sounds and playing with illusion of time, space and perspective. 

Below you can see a short trailer, some behind the scenes-material, and the mess trying to create magic and universes can make.

Will be back with some more sneak peaks!

Thank you for the support and making it possible; 

Konstnärsnämnden (Swedish Arts Grants Committee)

Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council)


Malmö Stad 


Stenkrossen Lund

and last but not least; Inkonst Malmö 




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