Gravitational waves – art, science & brain computer interface workshops


This weekend we had the first workshop out of three in the Gravitational Waves-project! The themes are gravitational waves, antimatter/matter, dimensions, and our perception of time according to theories in quantum mechanics.

The first day astrophysicist Alexey Bobrick and professor in theoretical particle physics Leif Lönnblad were our guides in the quantum world, explaining the themes and answering our gazillions of questions.

The second day we started laborating with projections and improvisations, and the picture shows actress/mimer/dancer Maria Selander improvising a choreography on strings and dimensions in front of a green screen. To the right you can see the animations by digital artist Dominic Idier, based on mathematical formulas and shifting between higher dimensions. These animated landscapes will be navigated by the audience through brain computer interface.

bctest1 bctest3

Dominic Idier and Maria Selander checking Maria’s data from the brain computer interface.

I started this artistic and scientific hackaton through my open arts collective The Event Horizon, to let artists, programmers and researchers meet to find new ways to perform and try scientific phenomenons. The aim is both to create this platform, and to prepare for the upcoming performance with the same name.

A big thank you to the participants; Ludvig Uppman (laser visuals), Dominic Idier (digital art, programming), Maria Selander (acting, mime, dance), Magnus Larsson (music), Leif Lönnblad (prof theoretical physics Lunds University), Alexey Bobrick (astrophysics Lunds University)

and to Kulturbryggan and InterArts Center for the support that made it possible.



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