In 8 webisodes 8 young bands from 8 different genres and parts of Sweden got to meet with some of Swedens best and most established artists. The basic criteria was that they all had to write their own songs.

In every episode one of the bands was hooked up with one (or two) of the established artists. Together they got a theme or challenge to create a song from, and just a couple of hours to write and rehearse it together, before performing it in front of a live audience.

“Fräng” is an onomatopoetic word, kind of like “spunk” for Pippi Longstocking, and can be used when vocally sonifying any chord or sound in music.

The web production for SvT (Swedish national Television) was created by me and my friends Johanna Olofsson and Cecilia Nordlund, to show the amazing variety of creative and talented young musicians in Sweden, and inspire others to also start playing in bands and writing music.

During the casting we asked bands between 15-20 years of age to send us a 3 minute video with a presentation of themselves, their hometown, which artist they’d like to meet, and about their process of writing music.

We were overwhelmed with the huge response and talent, and it was a real tough process to choose only eight bands. Here you can see some of the videos, and the amazing variety in genres!äng&oq=fräng&gs_l=youtube.3……0.0…

During the whole process we also kept contact with the audience on Facebook etc, many of them also came to the concerts.

The artists;


Ane Brun

Ebbott (Soundtrack of our lives)

Lars Winnerbäck


Frantic Amber

Jenny Wilson

Thomas Öberg (Bob Hund)

The bands;


Time To Bark

Infinite Dreams


Heavy Tiger



Adam Aden

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