HEMLIGHETEN (The Secret) is an interactive transmedia performance with Teater Insite in Malmö, in which the audience becomes participants and co-creators.

It’s based on the story of Medea and Jason, but takes place in Malmö of today. Also – it’s inspired by the version by the poet Creophylus, a contemporary of Homer.

What if Medea didn’t kill her children? What if they are alive, and hiding in our city? Who is Kreon, and why is he looking for them?

During May-Jun 2013 the audience got divided into groups of 10, which would get tasks and information to collaborate on and make decisions from. They met with the actors out in the city and on the theatre, through texting and phone calls, web sites and blogs, and some scenes were also live streamed. They could also look for information and extra material online if they had the right password.

The idea was to blur the lines between fiction and reality to get new perspectives; with the city as your scenography everything becomes part of the story.

By mixing technical solutions such as projections and mobile devices with human encounters and simple sensuous things such as light/darkness, silence/sound, and preparing birthday cake together, the audience got different parts of the story and engaged on several levels while also shaping as a group.


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