Project Presentation 2; Particles – Antiparticles


A work in constant progress. Our first improvisation (below) from 2013 was inspired by research on particles, matter / antimatter, and sonifications of particle decay from The LHCsounds. The shadows represent the connections and properties between elementary particles, but the space time aspect isn’t covered in it.

Now – 2018 – we’re preparing a new project “PARTICULAR MO(ve)MENTS, mixing physical and virtual space, and the audience/participant/visitor will be able to interact with the dancer in VR aswell as in the theatre room.

The theme is on matter/antimatter in relation to gravity. Part of the improvisations will be about the spacetime aspect, and how to design it choreographically. (We have our ideas and can’t wait to get started!)

Choreographer, dancer; Majula Drammeh
Choreographer, artistic director, filmer; Maria Reihs

March 2013 at the InterArts Center, Malmö.

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